A Journey throught time with Lego Minifigures

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The Lego minifigure, sometimes referred to as fig or minifig has a very complex history. When Ole Kirk Christiansen came to work at Lego, he pointed out a major flaw. They had cars, houses, stores, and many other buildings, but they had no one to use them. After lots of trial and error, in 1974 the first Lego minifigure was made. The Minifigures were four blocks tall, consisting of a family with a Granny, Mom, Dad, brother and sister. There was one small problem, the cars and buildings could not hold the minifigures due to how tall they were. Jen Nygaard Knudsen pointed out this problem, and Lego set to work yet again to create a smaller minifigure. In 1975, the next Lego minifigure was completed. This one was 1.5 inches tall, but it had no arms, face expressions, or moving parts. It was back to work for the Lego crew. After fifty different models, they finally found the right one in 1984. This one had arms and legs that could move, eyes, and a smile. Overtime, Lego has added more detail to the minifigures. Now, you can find lots of different emotions, male, female, glasses, freckles, moustache, make up, hair, skin color, and many more differences.